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The Behaviouralist Website

The Background: The Behaviouralist is a research consultancy group focused on solving some of the world’s biggest problems - like reducing pollution & waste and boosting productivity, growth, and well being. Founded in 2014, The Behaviouralist uses insights from behavioural science, data science, economic theory, and strategic design to help the organizations they serve.

The Challenge: The team at The Behavioralist reached out to us because they’d had an incredibly difficult time getting results with their existing web design agency. After 10 months spent in development and design, they had no results. The agency went so far as to deny the creation of certain features, claiming they were excessive, unnecessary, or undoable.

The Final Product: We created a fully responsive, easy to maintain site with a great user experience. The finished site includes a blog, contact materials, and a full description of the client’s value proposition for their prospective clients.

The Details: We started the relationship by asking the client for a prioritized list of issues they currently had with the site. We then spent an exploratory week going over the current state to gauge the difficulty of the project and come up with a proper time estimate for completion. Given a specific budget, we worked to complete the most severely rated issues first, checking in with the client on a weekly basis to confirm the achievement of certain tasks.

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