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The Background: Signol helps businesses become more efficient by analyzing employee behavior and using this data to boost productivity and performance.

The Challenge: Signol needed assistance taking a previously written research paper and failed prototypes and turning them into a functional demo for an accelerator program. What ensued was years of work to build a fully operational product, design system, brand, and marketing plan.

The Final Product: We fixed existing issues in the mobile and web applications, created a full strategic web design, and created a robust and persuasive landing page. We also created a component-based UI-kit and had product design sprints to explore new functionality. Finally, we matched their bold vision to the look and experience of the product and provided a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster in the future.

The Details: the founder of Signol needed help with usability and information architecture of their product website, landing pages, mobile app, and web applications. A significant challenge was the short “startup” time frame to get all the content ready for presentation. Signol had been unsuccessful with other design companies in the past and therefore came into the project a bit skeptical.

When we started our partnership, the Signol team had customer insights that were ready for A/B testing. They wanted a well documented visual guidelines for the product team to simplify onboarding and enhance visual consistency.

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