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Progress Retail

The Background: Progress Retail needed a smart way to get ahead in a Covid-19 world with a product that was formerly valued by in-person learning and a webapp based training strategy. The new circumstances of 2020 forced them to innovate years ahead of what their anticipated roadmap showed. Progress Retail needed to create a more competitive digital offering with a task management system and chat app that overlaid their initial LMS, and then once built, they needed a new website to showcase, market and sell their product.

The Challenge: Progress Retail needed to kickstart their design sprint to build a webapp that would tie both their existing web app together, style it to be part of a newer, emerging brand, and then implement a new technology based on, a chat app to speed up communications and tie together all of the solutions currently used by retail stores. To be competitive against bigger companies already in the task app sector, Progress Retail needed a platform that would nudge their employees to keep learning via their award winning content, as well as allow national managers to assign storewide tasks efficiently, and importantly, keep their users interested in learning, which nets inarguable results.

The Final Product: We started with research from SMEs and interviewed former retail employees while conducting competitive research on task apps, learning LMS, and niche retail technologies. Next, Carnelian Inc. built the UX for the webapp integrating the technology, best practices in behavioral change, then styled it in a way that was versatile so that the app could be built as fast as possible. Knowing that we would have to move quickly to achieve an MVP, we drew up a roadmap for future development, but guided the dev team to the quickest most valuable result to do market and client testing.

Shortly afterwards, we introduced a sprint to help translate the previous branding into something that the partners felt inspired by and gave the app and brand a more product specific look. We then applied this new styling with custom illustrations, writing and UI to a marketing website.

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