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Evolve Security Calculator

The Background: Chicago-based Evolve Security is a cybersecurity start-up providing cybersecurity consulting services. They’re also the home of the nationally recognized cybersecurity Bootcamp.

The Challenge: Evolve Security was growing very rapidly in their start-up stage. With over 20 team members, 5000+ users, and $1M in revenue, it was time to streamline their sales process. They wanted a quick, efficient calculator that would allow potential clients and Evolve team members to efficiently and accurately determine complex scopes of work, timelines, and expectations. Specifically, they wanted an onboarding and sales process that would take their brand to the next level. They needed us to fix UX issues in their mobile and web applications, create a new visual brand to match their product and provide a visual framework that would help with onboarding.

The Final Product: We worked with Evolve to design and optimize a new website. We expanded on their brand and created branding elements. We performed user experience testing to maximize their calculator's effectiveness and fully developed the newly redesigned website. We also create additional marketing materials.

The Details: ‍The calculator we created is used daily by the sales team, customers, and potential clients online. Packed into a gorgeous and easy to understand package, the calculator saves three days of work for a sales team member - allowing them to adjust on the fly and more efficiently use their time.

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