Climate Migrants

The Background: Climate Migrants uses data and analytics to understand the movement of migrants around the world due to climate change. They seek to aid policymakers, educators, and global citizens in their understanding and preparation for the dramatic global changes that are coming with the climate threat.

The Challenge: Climate Migrants wanted a customizable and interactive map to teach policymakers and educators about the real-life consequences of climate change on human movement around the globe. Their current platform wouldn’t allow this kind of technology. They wanted a website that would let them input data about current climate disasters and then take that information to create a widget to be placed on the interactive map. They also wanted a way to raise money through their website for climate relief.

The Final Product: We rebuilt their website from scratch, taking all provided designs/mocks and building the results exactly to specifications. Additionally we built a fully custom mapping tool using Leaflet (JS) that allowed the client much more flexibility to provide their vision to people visiting the site. The result was a visual and interactive tool that allowed clients a way to pledge a donation and view intimate, up-to-date information on the current state of migrants affected by the disasters.

The Details: Upon visiting the website, viewers can pledge a donation and view up-to-date information about the current state of migrants affected by the disasters.

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